news · 31/05/2024 0

Philips camera phone module

In Paris Philips revealed a new phone module equipped with VGA camera, Nexperia mobile image processor and Philips LCD color display. The interesting is that all mentioned above is combined in a unit – imaging and display building blocks in one, making possible to reduce overall power consumption in stand-by mode by approximately 20 to 30 percent, also the Philips Nexperia mobile image processor used in the new camera phone module does not require its own RAM, according to Philips. Optimization and better camera/display performance is also achieved, the module also decreases display latency, it can display what the camera sees without delay. The new module’s driving scheme, for example, uses a number of innovations, including “dot-inversion, common voltage modulation and interlacing schemes” providing “the low power consumption solution featuring and the best front-of-screen performance,” said Johan van de Ven, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Philips’ mobile display systems unit. Van de Ven also said it is targeting the new camera phone for the mid-end basic phone segment.

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