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Panasonic X700 with Symbian OS

Bob Morioka, the managing director of Panasonic’s overseas phone division, announced last Monday, that the new Panasonic X700 with integrated Symbian OS will be let for sale in July, mostly in Asia and Europe and will be the smallest Symbian-based handset on the market when it launches. Panasonic X700 will be an upgraded model on the current Panasonic X70 telephone. X700 will be with clamshell form, will have a better – DSC /digital still-camera/ VGA with 300K pixel resolution, a rotating 65 K TFT display, Bluetooth support and most of all Symbian OS.

The Company will officially announce X700 at the 3GSM World Congress. The 3GSM World Congress will take place in Cannes, France, from February 23 to February 26.


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