news · 31/05/2024 0

For every nominee a Motorola V600

Motorola will keep on its five-year tradition whereby Motorola provides soon-to-be-introduced cell phones to recipients of the 76th Annual Academy Awards /Oscars/. The Hollywood’s most celebrated evening will take place on 29 February. Every one from the 25 top acting and directing nominees in recognition of their achievement has been provided Motorola’s latest wireless innovation – the V600 cell phone. With this phone, received prior to its commercial availability, nominees can document their special evening by snapping pix with the integrated camera while on the red carpet and emailing the images to friends and family all over the world. The phones were in a custom-made box in the shape of an old-time film camera that features an audio snippet of Mel Torme’s classic rendition of “You Oughta Be in Pictures.” The boxes have been personalized for each nominee with his or her name engraved on a silver plate and makes for an additional keepsake of a very special night.

Additionally, each V600 cell phone was equipped with an activated SIM card to instantaneously enjoy Motorola’s present.

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