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Apple Vision Pro to roll internationally in July

Nearly a year after it was first announced and over three months after it went on open sale in the US, Apple Vision Pro is now rumored to launch internationally in July.

According to a new report from MacRumors, Apple will launch the Vision Pro in the United Kingdom, Canada, and China in the third or fourth week of July. The new rumors suggest that Apple stores in the UK have received new furniture items including couches which will be used for customers to test out the Apple Vision Pro in-store.

Apple Vision Pro in the Demo Zone at Apple Fifth Avenue

Apple Vision Pro Demo Zone at Apple Fifth Avenue store

In addition, several Apple stores in the UK have allegedly planned visual refreshes of their interiors for July – likely to accommodate the new furniture and promo materials related to the Apple Vision Pro. Apple is hosting its annual developer conference on June 10 which is when we’ll likely get official confirmation on the Vision Pro’s international rollout.


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