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3 new Motorola music handsets

Motorola introduced on the M3 Music Summit in Miami Beach three new mobile music handsets; each one of them is designed to maximize users mobile music experience. In cooperation with MTV International, which has created new wireless contend for Motorola, the mobile phone manufacturer intends to meet the needs of all music fans throughout the world. Geoffrey Frost, chief brand officer, Motorola, Inc. said they were delivering “a new way for artists to reach their fans and for music-lovers to enjoy their favorite tracks”.

The three mobile music handsets are bringing music to life. The new Motorola E398 has an integrated MP3 player, SanDisk T-Flash™ removable memory and dual MFT 16mm 3D stereo surround sound speakers. It is supplied with vibration sensory technology and rhythm lights enabling the interaction with Java games, ringtones, caller ID and ambient noise. An integrated camera with flash makes it possible to take pictures even in a darkened place and view the results on the sharp color screen. Motorola’s E680 dual 3D stereo surround sound speakers and RealPlayer software as well as the handset’s large color screen are here to provide an excellent reproduction of sounds and videos. Users can download and save up to 1GB of music and video content on the device’s removable memory while seamless USB data transfer support makes downloading easy and fast via GPRS technology or Bluetooth. 3D graphics, portable and downloadable J2ME™ games and 8-way navi and gaming keys ensure a pleasurable gaming experience. The Motorola C650 is a pocket-sized handset equipped with MP3 ringtones, integrated VGA 4X zoom camera, 65K color display, MPEG4 video playback, downloadable Java games and multimedia messaging. Users can download wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones, games or applications and mix their own ringtones with the MotoMixer, in order to individualize the incoming calls with picture caller ID, and to add personality to style with rhythm lights during rhythmic ringtones, events and games.

In order to protect artists’ rights Motorola supports the OMA’s (Open Mobile Alliance) Digital Rights Management specifications. The work accomplished through the OMA will give content providers and artists a way to protect content and add a new level of confidence that only paid users are allowed to download and use digital media.

According to Motorola, C650 and E398 handsets are expected in Q2 and the E680 is expected in the second half of the year.

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